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Graduated Students


Moshe Gurfinkel

Thesis: "Reliability of ultrathin high-K oxide films"

Dr. Avi Friedenberg, Ph.D.

Thesis: "Electrical properties of MMIC devices"


Dr. Yossi Bregman, Ph.D.

Thesis: "Interfaces Effects in MIS Devices"


Dr. S. P. Grinberg, Ph.D.

Thesis: "III-V Semiconductor Passivation"


Dr. Larisa Burstein, Ph.D.

Thesis: "Gap States at Metal - III-V Semiconductor Interfaces"


Dr. Avi Golan, Ph.D.

Thesis: "n-GaAs - Indium Oxide Interfaces"


Dr. Gabi Sarusi, Ph.D.

Thesis: "Characterization of HgxCd1-xTe Thin Films"


Prof. Yossi Rosenwaks, Ph.D.

Thesis: "Surface Recombination Velocity at III-V Interfaces"

Cum Laude

Dr. Avi Ravid (Hacham) Ph.D.

Thesis: "Light emission from HgxCd1-xTe Thin Films"


Dr. Efraim Weissmann, Ph.D.

Thesis: "High-Intensity Electron Beams by NEA on GaAs"


Dr. Vladimir Korobov, Ph.D.

Thesis: "n-InP - Indium Oxide Interfaces"


Dr. Haim Feffer, Ph.D.

Thesis: "Characterization of semiconductor interfaces by means of SPS"


Dr. Mark Leibowitz, Ph.D.

Thesis: "Modeling of Semiconductor Interfaces"


Dr. Leeor Kronik, Ph.D.

Thesis: "Quantitative Surface Photovoltage Spectroscopy"

Cum Laude

Dr. Ilan Shalish, Ph.D.

Thesis: "Metallization for Wide Band gap Semiconductors"


Dr. Boris Mishori, Ph.D.

Thesis: "Surface Photovoltage Spectroscopy of nano-materials"


Dr. Nurit Ashkenasy, Ph.D.

Thesis: "Surface Photovoltage Spectroscopy of Low-Dimensional Structures"


Dr. Irit Hallakoun

Thesis: "Process Parameters and Dimensional Control of GaAs MMICs"


Dr. Sanelia Solodky, Ph.D.

Thesis: "Effects of Radiation on Solid Surfaces"


Dr. Tamara Baksht, Ph.D.

Thesis: "Wide Band gap semiconductor PHEMT Structures"


Dr. Alexandra Merson, Ph.D.

Thesis: "Bio/Semiconductor Interfaces"


Dr. Yigal Zidon


Thesis: "Organic layers on electronic structure of semiconductor surfaces" 

Dr. Alon Stopel
Ph.DThesis: "Failure analysis of PHEMT Structures" 


A. Rysin Thesis:

"On-chip measurements of VLSI parameters"

Arie Morgenstern

Thesis: "Scanning Auger Microprobe: Applications for Surface Diffusion"


Avi Hacham (Ravid)

Thesis: "Epitaxy of Pb1-xEuxTe for Laser Material"


Yossi Rosenwaks

Thesis: "Electrooptical Properties of Doped HgxCd1-xTe Films"


Gabi Sarusi

Thesis: "Growth characteristics of HgxCd1-xTe Thin Films"


Jaime Gordon

Thesis: "Improvements in Solar Cells Performance"


Yossi Ziegler

Thesis: "A photocathode-integrated Electron Gun"

Cum Laude

Ronny Abiri

Thesis: "Scanning Electron Imaging"


Eli Sarig

Thesis: "Interface States in Si MOS Devices"


Hagit Riklis

Thesis: "Fabrication and Electrical Characterization of InOx/InP Diodes"


Ilan Shalish

Thesis: "Photoemission from GaAs Cathodes"

Cum Laude

Leeor Kronik

 Transferred to Ph.D. program 12.92


Nurit Ashkenasy

 Transferred to Ph.D. program 2.96


Harel Golombek

Thesis: "Integrated Array of Solar Cells and Electronically Scanning Antenna"


Ori Aphek

Thesis: "Quantitative Assessment of the Photosaturation Technique"

Cum Laude

Noam Kinrot

Thesis: "Surface Photovoltage Spectroscopy at InP-Polymer Interfaces"


Alon Shalev

Thesis: "Modeling of PHEMT Structures".

Cum Laude

Yigal Zidon

Thesis: "Studies of CdZnTe by SPS"

Cum Laude

Limor Zohar

Thesis: " Modeling and measurements of thick oxide CMOS structures"

Cum Laude

Ronen Berechman

Thesis: " Failure analysis of PHEMT structures"

Benny Haddad

Thesis: "Gate electrodes for HEMT devices"

Yaron Knafo

Thesis:"Fabrication and advanced processing of AlGaN/GaN HEMT"

Moshe Gurfinkel

Thesis: "Failure analysis of 90 nm VLSI elements ".

Cum Laude

Amir Natan

Thesis: "Adsorption of benzene derivatives SAMs at Si surfaces "

Michael Vajokha

Thesis: "Re-configurable MMIC: yield improvement during on-wafer testing"

Nimrod Ari

Thesis: " Micro Drug Delivery Device"

Hadar Shaim

Thesis: "Study of InP/tetraphenylporphyrin (TPP) interfaces using SPS"

Ran Ben-Or

Thesis: "Design and fabrication of reconfigurable elements for MMIC tuning"

Ofer Katz

Thesis: " Characterization of substrates and devices for GaN/AlGaN HEMT using SPS"

Igor Lusetsky

Thesis: "Thermal and device simulations of InP HBT"

Dim Leibovitch

Thesis: "Optimization of GaN HFET transistors using numerical simulations"


Anat Lahav

Thesis:" Current collapse of HEMTs"

M. Borenshtein

Thesis: " Electrostatic discharge in MOS transistors "

A. Margulis

Thesis: " Investigation of photoemission from MOSFET's at the sub-threshold regime "

S. SoferThesis: " Electrostatic discharge in transistors"

A. Rosen

Thesis: " Indirect measurements of MOSFET parameters vs. on-chip process variations "

D. Deutsch

Thesis: " Ab initio calculations of molecule-surface interactions "

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